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Upload a spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet

You can upload a CSV spreadsheet to import many markers at once.

The most basic spreadsheet you could upload would be just a list of addresses: 

You could upload a spreadsheet that is just a list of addresses.

But there are additional columns you can add to your spreadsheet: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Notes
  • Group — A marker can only belong to 1 group.
  • Use HTML — Set to TRUE if you'd like to use HTML in the Notes column.
  • Button Link — Should be a URL. Learn more about buttons.
  • Tags — Separate each tag by a comma.
There are many columns you can add to your spreadsheet.

Column Requirements

Each row in your spreadsheet requires either an Address or Latitude / Longitude. Other columns can be left blank.


A row containing a latitude and longitude that matches an existing marker’s longitude and latitude will be skipped.

This can result in the following error message: 

We skipped the following rows since they already exist:

Sample Spreadsheet

Here is a sample spreadsheet.

Export Spreadsheets to CSV

CSV spreadsheets are a universal format and can be exported from any spreadsheet app. Here are a few examples:

  • Microsoft Excel — Click File -> Save As and select Comma Separated Values (.csv) as the File Format.
  • Google Docs — Click File -> Download and select Comma Separated Values (.csv).
  • Apple Numbers — Click File -> Export To and select CSV.

How to Import your CSV Spreadsheet to Atlist

To upload a CSV, click Import a CSV button:

Then upload your CSV.

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