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We love Notion. But it's map block is limited.

Atlist is like a more powerful map section. Use it to create beautiful maps.

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Using Atlist and Notion is easy as 1-2-3.

1. Create Your Map

Add your markers and customize the map styles. Then copy the Atlist embed code.

2. Add an Embed Block

Open your Notion page and add an Embed block.

3. Paste the Embed Code

Paste the Atlist embed code into your Embed block in Notion. It's that easy! 

Beautiful, powerful maps. Now available in Notion.

Notion includes a Google Map block but it has some pretty major limitations. What if you want more power? What if you want thousands of markers, customizable styles and a search bar? Then you'll want to try Atlist.

Easy To Use

No coding required and no setting up API Keys. We designed Atlist to be easy and intuitive enough for anyone to build a custom map with custom styles— even beginners.

Perfect For Multiple Marker Maps

Notion's Google Map block limit you to a single marker. With Atlist you can have hundreds of markers and upload markers in bulk via CSV spreadsheet.  

Create groups of markers with unique styles.  

Custom Map Styles That Match Your Brand

Atlist includes thousands of map styles with our Snazzy Maps integration. It's simple to find a map style that compliments your website template.

Give markers a unique style. Choose from different colors, shapes, borders, size, icons and much more.  

Custom Modal Pop-Ups

Modal pop ups make your map interactive. In Atlist, modals can include photo galleries, directions, notes and even custom CSS and HTML code.

And like everything in Atlist, the style of modals are customizable— you can set roundness, background color, font size and much more.  

Add To Notion With the Embed Block

Integrating Atlist into a Notion page or workspace couldn't be easier. Just add an Embed block and paste the Atlist embed code.  

Your map will never go out of date— simply login to Atlist, add a marker and your map will update in real-time. No managing things in two places.


Do I need a specific Notion plan?  
As long as your Notion plan includes the Embed block, you can use Atlist.

Does Atlist offer customer support?
Absolutely. We offer 1-on-1 video and email support for all paying customers.

Does Atlist work with website builders?
Yes! Atlist can be used on any website or website builder— including Wix, Wordpress, Webflow, Shopify and more.

Does Atlist have an app?
Atlist does not have an Android or iOS app because it already works within mobile phone browsers.

Any suggested tutorials?
Absolutely! Check out our video tutorials on Creating a Store Locator, Creating Maps With Snazzy Map Styles and Creating a Map From Spreadsheets.

Do I need a Google Maps API key?
No! Atlist includes access to the Google Maps API.

What's the difference between Atlist and Notion's Google Map Block?
Atlist is totally customizable and lets you add hundreds of markers— even by spreadsheet.

Notion's Google Map block is only for a single marker and does not offer nearly as many customization options as Atlist.

What is Atlist's pricing?

Atlist is built on the Google Maps Javascript API — which costs $0.007 per view. Atlist covers this cost and charges users $0.009 per view. Atlist also offers a 14-day free trial— no credit card required.  Sign up or read more about our pricing.

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