Build a Beautiful Store Locator

Customize your store locator widget exactly how you want. Embed on any website. No code required.

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Atlist is the perfect tool for creating custom store locators. Watch our short tutorial to learn how to make your own:


Embed On Any Website

Store locator maps can be embedded anywhere on the internet — Shopify, WordPress, Webflow and more.


Using Atlist to Create a Store Locator is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Create Your Map

You can style the search bar, markers and map to match your brand colors.

2. Add Your Stores

Add retail locations individually or upload them by spreadsheet. Things like 'Opening Hours' can be added to marker Notes.

3. Embed It On Your Website

Copy the Atlist embed code and paste it in your website.


Would you like more walk-ins and customers to your retail stores?

Today commerce happens across many channels. Customers may discover a product online and then want to experience it at a retail location. A store locator is small but indispensable bridge from the digital to the real-world.

Easy To Use

Unlike other store locator software, you won't need to learn about complicated concepts like API keys with Atlist. You can just sign up and start building. Atlist is easy and intuitive for anyone to use— even beginners. No coding required!

Upload Store Locations by Spreadsheet

Use Atlist to upload hundreds (or thousands!) of store locations at a time by uploading CSV spreadsheets from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet app.

Custom Map Styles That Match Your Brand

Atlist includes thousands of map styles with our Snazzy Maps integration. It's simple to find a map style that compliments your website template.

Give markers a unique style by choosing from different colors, shapes, borders, size, icons and  more.  

Custom Modal Pop-Ups

Modal pop ups make your map interactive. In Atlist, modals can include photo galleries, directions, operating hours and even custom CSS and HTML code.

And like everything in Atlist, the style of modals are customizable— you can set roundness, background color, font size and much more.  

Embed Your Store Locator Anywhere

Atlist integrates with any website platform — from Drupal to WordPress to Wix. Just add the Atlist embed code and you're setup!   

Your map will never go out of date— simply login to Atlist, add a marker and your map will update in real-time. No managing things in two places.

Ready For Professional Web Design

Professional web designers love Atlist. Our responsive maps work on all iOS and Android mobile devices and advanced functionality— like marker groups, full screen mode, zoom level, street view, sidebar search and programmatic icons— is there when you need it.

Don't spend hours learning the Google Maps Javascript API— Atlist makes it quick and painless to create maps for your small business clients.

Trusted By Organizations Large And Small


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Per Month

100 Markers per map

2,000 Views per month

100 Maps

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Per Month

1,000 Markers per map

2,000 Views per month

100 Maps

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Additional Markers


Additional Maps

Annual billing available on the enterprise plan.

Questions & Answers

What if I go over my views?

Why is Atlist priced per view?

How are views counted?

A view is counted every time a map is loaded. Your view count is the total views across all your maps — so the 2,000 views that are included in Atlist Pro are counted across all maps in your account. Read More

Do you have an annual plan?

Yes — we offer annual billing on our enterprise plan.

Do I need a Google Maps API key or Google Account?

Nope — Atlist includes everything you need, including access to APIs on the Google Maps Platform (such as Google Dynamic Maps and Google Places).

What kind of maps can I create with Atlist?

Atlist is used to create all kinds of maps: store locators, world maps, infographics and even data visualizations — basically any kind of map with markers.

You can share your map in a format that works for you: embed it on a website, password-protect it or share it as a public URL.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at any time. Just go to BillingCancel Plan.

Your maps will be deactivated when you cancel— which means the embed code and public URL will be disabled. Your maps will not be deleted. You can upgrade at anytime to reactivate your maps.

Do you have a free plan?

Not at this time.

Do you have student or non-profit discounts?

Not at this time.

More questions? We'd love to help. Email us at