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Customize embed code

Customize embed code

If you go to Publish -> Customize Embed Code, you're able to customize the Atlist embed code.

You can set the width and height of the embed for both mobile and desktop.

  • Width is in percentages (%) — Percentage means the width which is relative to the parent container or the size of the screen.
  • Height is in pixels (px) — Pixels are an absolute unit. So the height will always be that height — even if it's bigger than the screen or container.

A new embed code is generated anytime you change these widths and heights and so it's important that you copy and paste the new embed code into your website.

Note: This is the only time you need to update your embed code — for example, you wouldn't need to update your embed code if you added new markers. It's only when you customize the width and height of your embed code.

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