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Introducing: Lazy Loading, Tag Matching

Nov 16, 2023
Steve Benjamins
Introducing: Lazy Loading, Tag Matching

Two quick announcements!

1. Lazy Load Your Embed Code (and Save Money!)

Lazy loading is a new feature that is finally supported by all modern browsers!

Here’s how it works: your map will only load when it is scrolled into view.

So if you’re spending money on additional map views and your map is embedded further down a page, this could be a way to save money.

Lazy loading is added automatically to new embed codes but here’s a quick video tutorial demonstrating how to add lazy loading to existing embed codes:

You can also email us at and we can help you setup lazy loading. 👍

2.  Tag Matching Options

When visitors filter your markers by tags, you now choose how markers are matched:

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the new tag matching options:

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