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Introducing: Overlays

Introducing: Overlays
Nov 7, 2023
Atlist Staff

Today we're announcing a major new feature: Overlays. Plus some minor (but very cool) updates.


Overlays is a massive rethink and improvement to the Sidebar.

Before Overlays, you needed a sidebar if you wanted Search, Tags, Title or a List for your map.

This was the old way:

This big and clunky sidebar was the old way.

Now with Overlays Title, Tags, Search and List have been broken into individual elements — so you can mix-and-match them to get exactly what you want.

This is the new way:

And of course Overlays can be styled however you want — margins, borders, shadows, colors and more.

Learn more about Overlays in the announcement video.


Alongside Overlays, we're also introducing Transparency — a new style option.

Modals and Overlays can now have a beautiful, modern look with Transparency:

Notice the subtle transparency on modals and overlays?

Learn more about Transparency in the announcement video.

Close Button on Modals

You can now add a Close Button on Modals — just a nice, small improvement that some people have asked for.

Learn more about adding a Close Button in the announcement video.

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