Atlist + Snazzy Maps

Use Atlist and Snazzy Maps to create custom Google Maps with multiple markers.

▶ How to: Atlist + Snazzy Maps
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Easily make custom Google Maps using styles from Snazzy Maps— no coding required.

Step 1: Copy your favorite Snazzy Maps style:

Step 2: Paste the style into your Atlist map:

It’s that easy. Create your map now ->

The All-In-One Map Makers Toolkit

Total Design Control

Design the perfect marker, map and modal. Atlist gives you complete design control.

Thousands of Markers

Atlist is perfect for maps with a single marker — or thousands of markers.


Powerful search to help visitors find locations closest to them.


Let visitors filter your markers with powerful tags.


Beautiful call-to-action buttons that link to anything.


Automatically combine markers in close proximity into clusters.

Share or Embed

Maps share beautifully and can be embedded on any website.

Import Spreadsheets

Import spreadsheets with address or latitude and longitude data.

Current Location

Plot a visitors current location on your map for easier wayfinding.


Organize markers into groups with custom styles.


Responsive maps let visitors browse on the go— and you create on the go.

Password Protect

Keep maps secure and private with password protection.

Programattic Icons

Assign numerical (1,2,3) or alphabetical (a,b,c) marker icons automatically.


Toggle control options for streetview, zoom, pan, full screen and more.

Traffic & Bike Layers

Add live traffic, transit and bicycling data layers.

Latitude & Longitude

Add markers with latitude and longitude data to get the right spot.


Atlist is HTML-friendly and includes CSS style targets for an extra level of control.


Choose between 1,400+ fonts from Google Fonts.


Integrate with Google Maps to give visitors up-to-the-minute directions.


Add photo galleries and lightboxes to modal pop-ups.

... and much, much more.
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