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How to Market Your SaaS on YouTube

Feb 20, 2022
Steve Benjamins
How to Market Your SaaS on YouTube

You know what marketing channel is working for Atlist these days? 


It's our highest performing marketing channel:

YouTube is our highest performing marketing channel.

Our best performing video is almost two-years old and going strong:

Our best performing video is almost two years old and still going strong.

This post is a collection of tips, tricks and tactics we've learned growing our SaaS through YouTube videos! 

Tips & Tricks 

Here's what we wish we knew before we started:

A cheap $20 iPhone teleprompter like this will dramatically improve your videos.


These are not affiliate links.

We use a Canon R5, Aputure Light Dome II, C414 microphone and a crappy Parrot Teleprompter. We also use Final Cut Pro for editing and Epidemic Sound for music and sound effects.

But none of that is necessary.

Here's what we'd use if we had to start from scratch:

Our studio is in the basement of Steve's (cofounder) house.

Tips & Tricks... For Editing

Some of the repeatable editing "tricks" we use:


Use a shape mask to highlight the interface:


Zoom in and out to focus the audience's attention:

Call to Action

Show the audience that they can click a link in the video description:

Use Sound Effects To Emphasize

When you flash text or an arrow on screen, add a sound effect to emphasize it:

Cut Between a Screen Recording & Talking Head

Having a talking head to cut to can create some visual interest:

Consider Adding Music

Aim to make it a subtle accompaniment:

How To Research Video Topics

Our videos are mostly discovered through search— either YouTube or Google. So for us, YouTube marketing is SEO.

Over 75% of our video traffic comes through search.

Just like in SEO, we look for keywords with volume and intent.

Keyword volume is easy to find.

For example, according to SEMRush (see below), the keyword volume for map maker is 14,800 monthly searches — pretty high! 

Wahoo! SEMRush shows map maker has high search volume!

But we have a problem.

When we search map maker in YouTube (see below) we can see that YouTube is showing results for dungeon masters— not custom Google Maps. So the keyword intent isn't right for Atlist.

Crap! The keyword map maker doesn't really fit a use case for Atlist.

So let's look at a different keyword: map multiple locations.

We can see map multiple locations has pretty decent volume

1,300 monthly searches is pretty decent!

And when we search map multiple locations in YouTube, we see results that Atlist would be relevant for. That's good keyword intent!

Now this is good keyword intent!

Every YouTube video we create matches to a keyword like this:

Matching our video topics to keywords.

Now I've glossed over a VERY Important fact. There isn't reliable keyword volume data for YouTube (at least that we've found).

We use SEMRush's keyword volume taken for Google search in the examples above — not YouTube.

This isn't a perfect system for keyword research — it's just what has worked for us. Basically we assume if someone is searching a keyword on Google, they are likely searching it in YouTube too (plus Google obviously includes YouTube videos in results).

You may also noticed that we publish videos on a YouTube channel called Site Builder Report instead of starting a new channel from scratch.

Why would we do this?

Site Builder Report is an existing channel with 20,000+ subscribers — so we believed (rightly or wrong) that YouTube would index our videos quicker on the Site Builder Report channel than on a new channel starting from 0 subscribers.

That being said, we've had experience starting channels from scratch— for example, Steve (co-founder) started a gardening YouTube channel with 0 subscribers. His first video had only 300 views after 250 days... but then over the next 250 days the video had over 25,000 views!

This video was published on a brand new YouTube channel with 0 subscribers.

So it's possible to start from scratch, it just may require more patience.


Atlist is a two-person company... we're not video pros.

Our favourite channel for inspiration is Webflow's YouTube channel— they are definitely pros. Their videos are super educational and really, really funny at times.

In any case, we hope this post was helpful— thanks for reading! 

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