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A map of Germany and it's major cities.


A major financial hub and the home of the European Central Bank, known for its impressive skyline, international trade fairs, and cultural offerings.


Known for its impressive cathedral, vibrant arts scene, and hosting one of the biggest carnivals in Europe.


A hub of automotive engineering, known for its iconic car brands and museums, as well as being a center for architecture and design.


The capital city of Germany, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, historical landmarks such as the Berlin Wall, and being a center of politics, media, and science.


Known for its stunning architecture, world-famous beer festival (Oktoberfest), and being a hub of technology and innovation.


A port city with a rich maritime history and known for its lively nightlife, music scene, and cultural institutions.


A city with a rich history of trade and commerce, known for its beautiful architecture, music scene, and cultural offerings.


A city with a thriving fashion and art scene, known for its luxury shopping, museums, and galleries.

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